About us

Our firm’s activity relates to the Work Counsellor position and contemplates the definition and computation of wages and taxes on behalf of private and public institutions.

We offer two kinds of service, both according to our clients’ needs and characteristics:

FULL SERVICE – aimed at small businesses
This type of companies are only required to forward us (via fax or e-mail) their previous month personnel time sheets.  When the time is due, all the wage-slips, and charts are delivered to the companies, with all social security, fiscal, and insurance forms.

PC DATA – aimed at those businesses which take advantage of software collection data for their time sheets, that is, those companies that utilize the special procedure offered by our firm for the compilation of monthly attendance.
This type of companies, which usually feature a personnel management department, takes care of the delivery of all electronic sheets with the monthly data using a modem or the internet. When the time is due pertinent information is sent (through the mail or through data transmission) for inspection by the firm and subsequently all the wage-slips, charts, and social security, fiscal and insurance forms are delivered to the company.


  • - issuing of wages (two copies);
    - list of all monthly wage slips;
    - monthly tax declaration INPS (DM 10/1/2/3);
    - payment mandate Mod F24;
    - accounting costs chart;
    - itemized name list for deposits and/or checks;
    - charts of partializations or groupings according to cost centers;
    - indication of the effective hourly cost

  • - TFR charts;
    - accrued sums for the Christmas Bonus, additional monthly salaries, holidays, leaves;
    - calculation of all cost for IRAP;
    - tax deduction application.

  • - end of year adjustments;
    - CUD form;
    - 770 form;
    - INAIL reverse charge.


The competence of our employees and the utilization of cutting edge hardware/software grants total result reliability.
All documents and obligation fulfillments are delivered in due time.
We provide phone assistance on our elaborations.