Studio FINPRO was established in 1982 by some chartered accountants and lawyers, who decided to join their professional experience in order to offer companies complete support in organisational, managerial, legal and taxation matters.

We are a dynamic, growing firm: beginning from a strictly regional activity, today, STUDIO FINPRO has extended the professional engagement of its partners and associates to an international level, namely as a member of the EuréseaU network.

With such strong contacts and connections, STUDIO FINPRO boasts a wide experience in international contractual assistance as well as in international tax and company planning. We are a law firm based in Udine, Trieste and Pordenone. The firm benefits from the collaboration of five connected service firms, which operate in the fiduciary and auditing activities, as well as in personnel management and the provision of administrative services to companies.

We work for some of the Friuli Venezia Giulia’s most exciting and successful companies, while at the same time continuing a long tradition of representing the interests of private individuals and families. Much of what we do for clients is innovative and highly specialised. In all areas of the firm’s practice, we add value to our clients’ affairs through a combination of legal know-how, business focus and superior client service.

  • This department provides steady advice and assistance on administrative, accounting and budget matters. Furthermore, it provides advice on cost analysis, management audit, economic and financial value analysis.
    It also carries out company and capital participation as well as capital formation assessments.

  • Within this department, through the analysis of the legislation and legal practice, and through the interpretation of the financial administration and legal theory, the firm provides steady tax advice to companies, concerning mainly direct, indirect and minor taxes.

    In this context, the firm provides services connected with filling, supervision and telematic interchange of the declarations concerning different taxes, namely as an intermediary qualified to issue conformity approvals according to the Italian decree 9 July 1997, nr. 241.

    The issue of periodical explanatory circulars concerning tax developments introduced by the legislature completes the counselling activities.

    The taxation and disputes domain also offers tax assistance and delegation in the event of legal procedures to tax offices or tax commissions and to any other authority concerned with tax, including field audits and assessments.
    On behalf of the economic operators, a specific sector of this department focuses on tax-planning procedures as a useful international fiscal instrument, and points out the opportunities offered by foreign countries to achieve the most beneficial taxation planning.

  • The legal department mainly deals with commercial, corporate, contractual, labour and administrative law.
    Specifically, the legal area includes 8 sectors:

    • Civil law
    • Commercial and bankruptcy law
    • Family law
    • Estate planning
    • Insurance law
    • Professional negligence
    • Administrative law
    • Labour law
    • Contractual matters
    • Dispute resolution
    • Financial crime

    International company business and financial planning are the most important of our out-of-court activities. We advise on every type of commercial transaction acting for every type of business, from growing family-owned concerns to major groups. This activity is developed jointly with the departments of taxation and exceptional affairs.
    The key areas in which we can help include:

    • Company structures
    • Merger and Acquisition
    • Joint ventures
    • Trusts
    • Partnerships
    • Sale of goods, leasing and hire arrangements
    • Employment
    • Litigation
    • Contracts
    • Finance
  • This department offers assistance and advice to its customers on the management of exceptional affairs such as constitution, mergers and splits of companies, operations affecting the registered capital (increases in the capital stock, issue of real or personal estate or of business, reduction in the capital due to loss or redundancy, transfers and acquisitions of capital participations).

    Furthermore, it deals with problems connected with business re-organization by the research of business and/or financial partners. It handles property management, division and assignment of properties and real/personal estate – even as far as inheritance is concerned. Moreover it provides assistance in bankruptcy matters.

    It also assists its customers during the negotiations and drawing up of those contracts connected with property as well as the purchase or sale of business units.

    All the above-mentioned activities are carried out both in Italy and abroad.

    Among the exceptional affairs departments, a company, connected with the group handles the fiduciary activity within property administration.

  • The personnel administration and management department’s activity deserves particular attention as it covers several other sectors which are regulated and co-ordinated by the employment consultant.

    Besides the payroll books which are kept according to the law in force, this activity includes also many other functions connected with and resulting from labour matters.

    The personnel administration also provides services connected with personnel recruitment, organisation and management, labour cost analysis as well as career planning, company’s wage policy, advice and arbitration for those procedures involving labour conflicts, including the drawing up and definition of collective labour or second level contracts. In this context we offer a company check-up aiming at the correct grading of the company’s contributions and insurance obligations.